Restoring  Integrity and Sensibility to the Clerk's Office

Steve is the only candidate for Macomb County Clerk who has the experience and the record of reform to return dignity to the office.

Undoing the Damage of Karen Spranger


Karen Spranger was the worst Clerk that Macomb County has ever had. For the last two years, Macomb County has endured one controversy after another in the Clerk’s Office. Spranger was under multiple criminal investigations. She totaled her county car, was fined by the county ethics board, and an employee accused her of assault. 

The Macomb County Clerk's Office has a highly dedicated staff. But Spranger fought with everyone and fired many hardworking employees. As a result, Macomb County residents had to wait 90 minutes for birth certificates and there were huge backlogs for court and legal records.

In March 2018, Spranger was ousted after a judge ruled she did not live in Macomb County when she was elected as a Republican in 2016.

Steve's No. 1 priority will be restoring integrity and honor to the Clerk's Office.

Steve's Strong Record as a Reformer


Steve has a long history as a reformer in the Michigan Legislature. In his more than 13 years of service, he has led the charge on holding elected officials to high ethical standards and fought to increase transparency and accountability in government.

Steve isn't afraid to take on wrongdoing in either party. In 2007, he authored the most significant ethics reform in Michigan history in decades following the scandal of former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Steve is the right person to lead the Clerk's Office at this critical time for Macomb County.

Making the Macomb County Clerk's Office Work Again

The Macomb County Clerk’s Office was once a model of efficiency and innovation for the entire state of Michigan. But it has been torn apart by corruption and scandal over the last two years. Steve will not play political games with employees and will restore morale to the office. Workers deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

Steve is the only candidate for Macomb County Clerk who has the experience and the record of reform to return stability and sensibility to the office.

Ending Backlogs and Long Wait Times


Karen Spranger fired knowledgeable employees and hired political cronies. And the people of Macomb County suffered. Nobody should have to wait 90 minutes to get a birth certificate or marriage license like they did under Karen Spranger. The courts and County Sheriff depend on the Clerk's Office to keep critical legal files. Macomb County can't afford mistakes and backlogs. 

Steve will end the long backlogs and wait times for citizens at the Clerk's Office.