Protecting the Right To Vote and Expanding Access to the Ballot

There’s nothing more sacred than the right to vote. Steve has been working for two decades to expand voting rights. He’ll fight back against any attempt disenfranchise seniors, students and people of color.

Protecting Voting Rights

There’s nothing more sacred than the right to vote. The Macomb County Clerk must be committed to running fair elections and making sure that everyone has the right to cast their ballot.

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Steve opposed President Trump’s vote fraud commission, which has been widely criticized by both Democrats and Republicans. He will fight back against any attempt disenfranchise seniors, students, and people of color. He backs a new federal Voting Rights Act.

In the Michigan Legislature, Steve has voted against voter ID requirements that harm seniors and low-income people.

As Macomb County Clerk, Steve will be dedicated to protecting your right to vote.

Increasing Efficiency in Elections

Macomb County used to be recognized across the state and across the country as a model of efficiency and innovation in elections. That's what citizens deserve to have again. Nobody should have to wait in line for hours to vote or wrestle with broken voting equipment.

In the Michigan Legislature, Steve voted to give county clerks the power to upgrade their electronic voting systems. He voted for a post-election audit program and to establish continuing education classes for local clerks so they could stay up-to-date on election procedures.

As Macomb County Clerk, Steve will work hard to restore voters' trust and ensure safe, secure and well-run elections.

Fighting for Early Voting and No-Reason Absentee Voting

Steve believes that we shouldn't be putting up roadblocks to voting and should make it easier to cast your ballot. He has been a leader on expanding the right to vote in Michigan.

For more than a decade in the Michigan House and Senate, Steve has consistently introduced bills allowing for no-reason absentee voting and early voting. Steve has repeatedly tried to expand voting rights by offering amendments on bills restricting the right to vote.

Steve will work to make Macomb County a state and national model for voting rights.

Pre-Registering 16- and 17-Year-Olds To Vote


Over the past few months, there's been a national discussion about lowering the voting age from 18. Steve has always believed in the importance of getting young people involved in civics and elections. 

Since he began serving in the Michigan Legislature in 2003, Steve has made expanding voting rights a priority. He has consistently introduced bills pre-registering 16- and 17-year-olds to vote.

As Macomb County Clerk, Steve will continue his decades-long fight to expand voting rights.