What They’re Saying About Steve Bieda's Campaign for Macomb County Clerk

Here are some media reports about Steve Bieda's campaign for Macomb County Clerk and Register of Deeds:

Jack Lessenberry, Michigan Radio, 4/24/18:

Steve Bieda filing for Macomb County Clerk today.

Steve Bieda filing for Macomb County Clerk today.

“I have no doubt Steve Bieda, who was sometimes called the conscience of the state senate, would have been a good congressman. But he would have been a very junior individual in a body of 435 members where seniority counts for nearly everything.

“Meanwhile, know what North Dakota, Delaware, Alaska and Wyoming have in common? Those entire states all have fewer people than Macomb County, Michigan. The clerk’s office in any major county is its nerve center – and Macomb’s, once a model of efficiency, has been horribly damaged by perhaps the most bizarre county clerk in Michigan history.

“The courts have removed her, but there is plenty of repair work to be done. Bieda will have both primary and general election opposition for the clerk’s job, but this time will be the clear favorite. His integrity, calm demeanor, knowledge of state government and background as a tax lawyer all should be assets if he does take over the clerk’s office in January.”

MIRS, 4/23/18:

“Bieda told MIRS that the decision came down to where he could best help his home 900,000-resident county. Having served as a lawyer who has needed to work with the clerk's office before and as a lawmaker with a background on elections issues, Bieda said he saw a need for some experienced leadership.  

“‘I believe that the Macomb County Clerk's Office needs (a) steady hand right now,’ he said. ‘As clerk, Karen Spranger brought national shame to Macomb County . . . Macomb County deserves better. I want to make us a leader in election efficiency once again and make it easier to vote.’

“[Congressional candidate Ellen] Lipton issued a statement this evening calling Bieda ‘a true public servant . . . someone I have always known to be a tireless fighter for the residents of Macomb County and a selfless champion for working people.’”

Macomb Daily, 4/23/18:

“In a surprise development, state Sen. Steve Bieda announced Monday he is dropping out of the race for congress and instead will run for Macomb County clerk.

“Bieda said it was a ‘very difficult decision’ to leave the race for the seat to be vacated in 2019 by U.S. Rep. Sander Levin but believes it’s the right move to bring some ‘steady leadership’ to the clerk post following the controversial 15-month tenure of former clerk Karen Spranger.

“... Also Monday, in less of a surprise, Fred Miller, who was narrowly defeated by Spranger in 2016, filed again to run for clerk and will face Bieda and at least five other candidates in the Aug. 7 Democratic primary, based on filings as of Monday. Candidates have until 4 p.m. Tuesday, to file for office. Two Republicans also have filed to run for the final two years of Spranger’s four-year term. Spranger was ousted by a judge last month.

“Miller, a former state representative and county commissioner in the Mount Clemens area, said he has known Bieda for years and respects him. He said he worked on Bieda’s first campaign for state representative.

“‘He [Steve Bieda] will be a very formidable candidate,’ said Miller, who currently serves as deputy treasurer in Oakland County.”

Steve Bieda